No Gap Orthopaedic Surgery

NO GAP orthopaedic surgery

Dr Rimmer is proud to be a Sydney based orthopaedic surgeon offering NO GAP to all his patients with private health insurance who require surgery. This ensures great value and savings to patients who pay a substantial amount to insure themselves and their families.

Please note, other fees may occur as part of your surgery and not controlled by Dr Rimmer. These include fees by:

  1. The anaesthetist
  2. The surgical assistant
  3. The hospital
  4. The prosthesis
  5. Post-operative physiotherapy / hydrotherapy

Dr Rimmer’s secretary (Kylie Waterson) will be able to help you with enquiries about ANY of the above.

Dr Stephen Rimmer reserves urgent appointment spots for patients who have injuries that requires immediate care. Please contact our rooms with your situation.

Fast-tracked investigations, hospital admission and surgery booking can be organised by our staff if needed.